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2023 seadoos

2023 Sea Doo Models are AVAILABLE for ordering!

We have posted all of the new 2023 models of Sea-Doo! You are going to love this line-up of watercrafts with adventure-inspired innovations, versatility and a focus on fun!

Explorer Pro 170 – The Explorer Pro 170 is the first personal watercraft in the industry that is built truly for adventure. Equipped with an incredibly stable platform and 170-HP engine with long-range capability, this PWC is packed full of adventure-focused features.

Fish Pro Sport -A combination of excitement, versatility, and passion all in one Fish Pro Sport complete package. This original FishPro delivers a new take on fishing. You’ll be able to explore locations you never could before with traditional fishing crafts and experience fishing like never before. When you are done fishing, check out one of our local stops along the way home.

Fish Pro Scout – While the FishPro Scout was built for fishing, it’s also full of versatility for fun family adventures. Completely equipped for fishing with cooler, fish finder, rod holders and trolling modes, while it also transforms instantly for family fun.

Fish Pro Trophy – The FishPro Trophy is the personal watercraft that is built to feed a fishing passion. Made for tournament-level fishing in every aspect, with ingeniously designed features.

GTX Limited 300 – With direct access front storage, a huge swim platform and tons of usable deck space, the options are endless with the GTX Limited. Turn on music from the Bluetooth Audio System with 100 watts of bumping audio and your days on the water are set for maximum enjoyment.

GTX 170 230 300 – The GTX models offer incredible versatility for you to lounge or enjoy a picnic with a huge swim deck. Turn on music from the Bluetooth Audio System and bring along extra cargo, like a cooler. With the optional iDF – Intelligent Debris-Free Pump System, you’ll be on the next level with every ride.

GTR 230 – One of the easiest ways to get into the musclecraft scene is on the GTR model. Complete with a powerful supercharged 230-hp Rotax engine, the GTR is now also equipped with the exclusive LinQ Quick-Attach System for cargo and the 100W Bluetooth Audio System.

GTI SE 130 170 – Days of family fun are ahead with the GTI SE watercraft and all its incredible versatility for any adventure. Discover more convenience and comfort with standard boarding ladder, touring seat for comfort, variable trim and optional Bluetooth audio.

GTI 90 130 – The latest Sea-Doo GTI platform sets the gold standard for family fun on the water and revolutionizes the way you enjoy your watercraft. Equipped with awesome stability, versatility and inspiring style, the GTI is ready for wherever the ride takes you.

RXT-X 300 – The RXT-X 300 is the ultimate in offshore performance, with comfort, luxury, and convenience, combined with the most powerful engine on a Sea-Doo with a thrilling 300 HP.

RXP-X 300 – The ultimate top-of-the-line racing watercraft combines power, handling and control like nothing else on the water. And with the 300-HP Rotax 1630 ACE engine, nothing else will come close to you on the buoy course.

RXP-X Apex 300 – The most exclusive high-performance personal watercraft ever created by Sea-Doo. Starting with the carbon fiber hood all the way down to the race-ready hydraulic steering, the Apex is at the peak of PWC racing standards.

Spark – The SPARK is designed for endless fun on the water. The highly-efficient Rotax 900 ACE engine has plenty of zip, making the SPARK the most cost effective way to add tons of fun to your summer.

Spark Trixx – The Sea-Doo Spark Trixx is the original showstopper – bringing unique features like an extended variable trim system, step wedges and adjustable handlebar riser. So easy and fun, you’ll never want the show to end.

Wake 170 – Grab your wakeboard, skate, surf or anything else you can get on the water. However you prefer to enjoy the wake, Sea-Doo Wake lets you maximize tow sports with three exclusive features including the retractable LinQ ski pylon, Ski Mode, and wakeboard rack.

Wake Pro 230 – The WAKE PRO model delivers the incredible stability along with LinQ ski pylon, ski mode, wakeboard rack, and onboard music to set the tone for your ride.

If you are ready to purchase your 2023 Sea Doo Model, fill out the contact form below. If you need a little help deciding, we are ready to talk through the option that will suit you best. View more information and spec sheets for all of our current models by clicking here. If you have an old model we can help with your trade in. Spend more time on the water in 2022!

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