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Jolly Roger Marina Watercraft Models

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We at Jolly Roger Marina are dedicated to finding you the perfect watercraft. Have a look below at our 2018 Sea Doo lineup, with a quick breakdown of features.

Click the names to read the full spec breakdown. When you are ready to purchase, get in touch with our NJ sea doo dealer!

RXT-X 300: If you’re looking for speed, this lightweight watercraft offers the most powerful engine on a Sea Doo.

RXT-230: This model is an amazing value for the performance it offers. It’s low price tag makes it affordable but that does not me it lacks in features. It has revolutionary stability technology as well as storage and bluetooth capabilities.

RXP-X 300: This is the ultimate racing watercraft. It offers a powerful engine and helps you cut corners like a pro with its cornering stability features.

GTR-X 230: This model is the most affordable watercraft See Doo has to offer. It has unmatched control and a powerful engine that is enclosed by an award winning design.

GTR 230: Ease your way into the musclecraft scene with this model. It offers a powerful, supercharged engine at an affordable price. It contains fine tuned handling and precise braking.

GTX Limited: This model offers you luxury and performance with a large swim platform and removable seat, as well as two powerful engine options.

GTX Luxurious: If luxury and comfort are your priority, then this watercraft will do the trick. It contain the large swim platform, plenty of storage, and an onboard bluetooth audio system, all at an affordable price.

Wake Pro 230: This model is designed to give you the best wake tow experience. It contains a large swim platform, intelligent throttle control, and incredible tow sport features: Setractable Ski Pylon, Ski Mode, and Wakeboard Rack.

Wake 155: Are you looking to spend your days carving some wakes and pumping adrenaline? If so, this watercraft includes a retractable ski pylon with a high tow point that keeps the rope out of the water, our exclusive Ski mode, and a removable board rack.

GTI Limited 155: Enjoy the amazing features of this model, like watercraft cover, high-performance Variable Trim System, cruise control, large storage space, and the proven Intelligent Brake and Reverse, all without the high performance cost.

GTI SE: You can’t be convenience and comfort when looking for the perfect day on the water with family and friends, with features like a touring seat, reboarding ladder, and three engine options to choose from.

GTI: If you’re looking for value, look no further. For the price, you cannot beat the amount of features this craft has to offer, with a fuel-efficient engine, impact-resistant hull, and plenty of front storage.

GTS: This roomy watercraft has enough space for three and storage for even more. It has unbeatable value for the amount of features that are usually found on higher priced models.

Spark Trixx: Are you looking to pull off some amazing tricks? This model is for you because doing so has never been more easy or fun.

Spark: This is the most affordable watercraft on the market and makes your family’s dream of great days on the water possible right now. It is playful, easy-to-ride and easy to tow with a small car.

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